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Mitsuki Ogawa

Born in Shiga prefecture on April 28, 1977. At the age of 10, I watched "Munakata Shiko" on TV. I felt it was cool as a child, after that, I started making my original new year card with wood printing. Looking back, I think that that experience was the starting point of my creative activities.

On September 9, 2007, I decided to sit down on the street at Nagoya Station with a sign saying "I will write you surprisingly nice words by just looking at you ". From that point on, my work has been brought up by the people I met, with lots of stimulation, awareness, and support. I have written to approximately 50000 people. Thanks to all my fellows, I have come to this style.


At the beginning of this activity, I had neither an aspiration nor a passionate spirit. But as I got to write for more people some of who even teared up for the words I gave, right in front of me, My"wish" that is to contribute to people’s smile and to give energy to their life by my works and expressing , started to grow in my heart .

And I made up my mind to live my life in the way that I can give happiness to my spirits in the bottom of my heart. All the people involved in my life have brought the feelings that have become significant parts of the root of my life .


"Living my life in the way that I can give happiness to my spirits in the bottom of my heart" "by my works and expressing how I live my life, I want to contribute to your smile and bring more energy Into your life"

This is the concept of my activity. I believe that there is a ‘flower of possibility’and all of us can try our best to make it bloom even little by little if we keep giving a shot.

Some of us might have worries ,concerns, or anxieties. Some might be trying to get over a big wall. Some might have lost confidence. I would like to continue to make works that can deliver positive energy to those people.


I was born in Shiga.
Start writing with momentum. I am happy that people will be pleased, I keep writing.
Called to the event for the first time.(It will be 3 days to change my life.)
First solo exhibition
COP10 performance
Put the letter down at the top of the sun pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Take the Indian ritual.
Hashima City system enforcement 60th anniversary event performance. NHK appearance
F1 Suzuka Grand Prix eveing festival performance. Tokai Television Art Cooperation.
Cooperation with UNIQLO
Exhibition of works at Kiyomizudera (Kyoto).
Opening and performance at "Japan Expo" scheduled to be held in Paris.

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